The Democrat Candidate Kennedy Will Participate At Bitcoin 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat candidate at the presidential elections of 2024, drew the attention of the crypto community. 

He supports cryptocurrencies and the role they could have within the global financial system but, similarly to the Republican DeSantis, he’s against the introduction of CBDCs. Moreover, since he’s an environmentalist he’s able to address some of the main concerns related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

The lawyer will be present at the Bitcoin Conference of 2023. 

Who’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an environmental lawyer and one of the candidates for the U.S. presidential elections of next year – as a member of the Democrat party. . 

He made headlines especially during the pandemic, for being a firm supporter of the anti-vaccine propaganda. 

His closeness to the crypto space comes via Twitter, and it’s profoundly linked to the convictions of the lawyer. 

What’s Kennedy’s bid for 2024?

The environmental lawyer is a firm believer that there is a general need to reconsider the relationship between government and people. 

He defines himself as a “truth teller” – as reported by CNN, and he aspires to give people all the information they need to be in full control of their lives. In a recent tweet, he outlined part of his program saying that he wants to “dismantle the surveillance state”: part of the plan is replacing all “the officials that have been instructing tech companies to censor users”, moreover, he added that “it is about forging an entirely different relationship between people and government based on respect”. 

The appreciation for cryptocurrencies arises from their capability to allow people full control over their financial lives, without the need for a centralized intermediate. 

Kennedy and Bitcoin

It was another tweet, the one that drew the attention of the crypto community. 

Kennedy addressed the importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means through which to reach innovation. 

The tweet was inspired also by the idea of the Biden administration to tax crypto miners. 

Recently, the president of the United States proposed a possible new plan that would see an additional taxation on crypto miners: people who spend electricity to mine cryptocurrencies should pay a DAME (Digital Asset Mining Energy) tax that would amount to the 30% of the costs faced to mine digital currencies.

The candidate Kennedy defined it as a bad idea, something that could further remove the U.S. from the progress brought by cryptocurrencies. 

The point that might raise questions is related to the correlation between Kennedy’s job and all the criticisms received by Bitcoin in terms of energy consumption. Kennedy addresses this point, saying that also video games consume a significant amount of electricity, but no one wants to ban them. 

According to Kennedy, “The environmental argument is a selective pretext to suppress anything that threatens elite power structures.”

This support to cryptocurrencies favored Kennedy’s participation at Bitcoin 2023. 

What’s the Bitcoin Conference and how Kennedy is involved

Bitcoin Conference is the largest conference dedicated to Bitcoin. In 2023, the conference will be held from May 18 to 20, in Miami Beach. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is among the speakers who will participate at the conference – along with other personalities like Adam Back and Anthony Pompliano. 

Will his participation be a follow up to talk more about CBDCs?

Central Bank Digital Currencies became one of the most discussed topics. Kennedy tweeted about that recently, mentioning the article published by Ellen Brown that discusses the relationship between the recent bank collapses and cryptocurrencies. 

For what concerns CBDCs, Kennedy agrees with the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis: CBDCs would be just a way for the government to control people and their financial transactions, dramatically threatening their privacy. 

Will the participation at the Bitcoin Conference make Kennedy earn the votes of crypto supporters? 

It’s not easy to predict that, but it is clear that the next U.S. presidential election will consider cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology seriously, especially after all the efforts of regulators to regulate the market. This might be a double-edge sword for the crypto community. 

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